Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià

Part of the Womex 2023 selection and nominee of the Upbeat Talent Award, the duo of Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià stands out and surprises with the chemistry between double bass and voice. They sound like one, they play in a way that the audience focuses on each movement, on each note.

Magalí and Manel love to break all boundaries, they are not predictable in live concerts, and they take a lot of risks raising the quality of their performances. The audition falls in love with the ductile and multifaceted voice and acting of Magalí with unexpected turns.

Their last album “reTORNAR” offers us a review of different well-known Latin-American and Catalan songs that are difficult to recognize at first. From an open-minded perspective, merging different styles and offering to the rhythm a lead role as well Magalí and Manel show us their huge potential.



OSCAR GROOMES, “O’s place Jazz” from North Carolina

“Catalan vocalist Magalí Sare and bassist Manel Fortià unite for their second encounter on re – tornar. Magalí has a sweet, delicate voice that is easy to embrace. She adds flute and some percussion while Fortià also plays ukulele and percussion. Guest David Domínguez plays percussion on 7 of the 10 selections to expand the depth of the duo. The lyrics are in Spanish but are wonderfully melodic even if you don’t understand Spanish”.

El País

“A review of Latin American songs from the perspective of audacity and exchange, as if the duo practiced the craft of the navigator and searched for treasures from shore to shore, but without giving up imbuing the findings with their own proud Mediterranean nature”.

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Lynn Dewitte – LD Music Agency

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