LD Music agency is an independent agency based in Brussels that celebrates musical eclecticism and represents talented artists from the Belgian and international scene.

Musicians the agency has worked with:

Simon Leleux, Robbe Kieckens, Nathan Daems, Emine Bostanci, Vinsent Planjer, Camilla George, Shalan Alhamwy, Fapy Lafertin, Kaito Winse, Falk Schrauwen, Renaud Dardenne, Alexandre Tripodi, Cédric Raymond, Bao Sissoko, Shahab Azinmehr, Vincent Noiret, Lydie Thonnard, Aki Sato, Osvaldo Hernandes, Mohamed Al-Douri, Katrien Bos, Damla Bulut, Aktas Erdogan, Jaber Fayad, Firas Hassan, Ibrahim Kahila, Jonas Malfliet, Célestin Massot, Galina Velikova, Omar Znkawan, …

About myself

I have several years of experience as a booking agent, manager, tour manager, producer, label coordinator. I am committed to the promotion of plurality in the current music landscape.

Fostering creativity, I’m always on the lookout for fresh and daring talents.

Lynn Dewitte

Brussels, Belgium

+ 32 478 66 94 27

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