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Belgian percussion trio spëcht – formerly known as Hands in Motion – craft a distinctive sonic tapestry merging acoustic percussion with electronic effects, captivating atmospheres, and dynamic rhythms. Their music transcends genre boundaries, inviting listeners on an adventurous exploration. Their debut album, “Dawn” garnered international attention, propelling them onto stages at prestigious events like the A to Jazz Festival and Tallinn Music Week.

Now, with their latest album, “Triptyques” spëcht promises an immersive journey into uncharted musical territories. Scheduled for release in March 2024, this album continues their sonic exploration, blending acoustic and electronic elements seamlessly. Divided into three distinct chapters, “Triptyques” offers a wordless narrative, guiding listeners through intricate melodies, innovative percussion, and daring experimental sounds. Each chapter stands as a unique piece, yet together they form a cohesive, mesmerizing narrative, showcasing spëcht’s evolution and artistic vision.

“The trio includes three of the top percussionists in Belgium […] their music is a rich world of stimulating transglobal rhythms and transfixing sounds” – World Music Central



Larsen Magazine about Hands in Motion

“Si vous avez envie de voyager, besoin d’un peu d’exotisme ou plus prosaïquement si vous êtes fan de percussions… cet album est pour vous!”

Folk Magazine about Hands in Motion

“The last doubts become taken away, this is a great quality that even a layman like me with open mouth and occasionally closed eyes has thoroughly enjoyed” [translation from Dutch]

Rhythm Passport about Hands in Motion

Daily Discovery

Metro about Hands in Motion

SPOT ON. Hands In Motion: «Het feit dat percussie centraal staat in onze muziek is uniek»

Le Soir about Hands in Motion

“Ca groove, ca fascine en une sorte de transe qui nous transporte”

RTBF Culture about Hands in Motion

“Hands in Motion”, le trio de percussionnistes belges vient de sortir son premier album

Knack playlist includes Hands in Motion

‘SIGNALEMENT x Fnack Foxus’ includes Hands in Motion

daMusic about Hands in Motion

“They immediately take you into their universe without musical boundaries”

Roots Music Report about Hands in Motion

“A unique album, Dawn provides for a harmonizing of mind and body within the entire sphere of their music”

La Première – Le Monde est un village

Didier Mélon invites Simon Leleux to present the album Dawn

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